How to get more leads.

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"4 Steps to getting leads on autopilot from your website."

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What's the point of a website if it doesn't get you leads & sales?

There isn't!

I create websites and lead generation tools for coaches and trades that convert visitors into leads. 

Hello, I'm Kelvin.

Founder of Websites & Leads

I'm a website creator based in Edinburgh and for the past 10+ years I've been creating websites that generate leads for businesses in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal. 

From £3.99 digital products to £100,000+ luxury export items, I've generated £-millions for businesses, all through their websites and inbound enquiries.

Now, Websites & Leads specialise in creating high converting websites for Coaches, Local Trades and Businesses worldwide.

If you're a coach, personal trainer or business that needs a website that creates more leads on autopilot, l can help you.

If you're struggling to get leads and build your email list (whether you currently have a website of not)… this free guide will help you understand the 4 steps to getting leads on autopilot from your website.

If your website doesn't do these three things on autopilot... 

Attract: bring your ideal client to your website organically and/or via Ads that supercharge your progress.

Connect - speak to the visitor in a way that compels them to leave contact details with you and become a lead.

Deliver - Automatically deliver value to your potential customer and deliver leads directly to your inbox and mailing list.


Claim up to £500 off a Website & Get my FREE GUIDE on...

"5 Steps To Getting Leads On Autopilot From Your Website."

Tell me the best email address and I'll send it straight over - no spam I promise.