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We create high converting websites and lead capturing funnels for small businesses & online coaches.


Why work with us

If you're a small business owners or online coach, you need leads.

We create websites that create leads. A pretty website that sits on the internet and doesn't turn visitors into leads is a pointless website.

If you had shop and everyone that came in just looked ar0nd and let, you'd be worried. The same goes for your website.

Check out some of the services we offer 


We create websites that not only show your brand and services, but ones that actually work for your and convert visitors into leads.

Lead Magnets & Funnels

We create compelling reasons for your website and social media visitors to leave their details, become leads and the systems that will automatically nurture those relationships.

Tech Support for Coaches

Rather than spending hours figuring out how to use different tech and software, or publishing your content, let us do that for you so you can look after your clients.

Content Creation

We create content content that entertains, nurtures and converts. Email marketing and copywriting is more than a newsletter and an offer twice a month.


Meet The Dream Team

Ok so it's just me! I'm Kelvin, I've been building websites and lead generating funnels for 10+ years for local and online businesses in the UK and Europe. As well as this, I have my own Health Coaching business using the very same methods and technology.

The extended team: I do have a large network of digital experts in other fields such as SEO, Paid Advertising (Facebook, Google, TikTok) so all your digital needs are covered here in one place.

What To Expect When You Choose Websites & Leads.

There are too many companies selling things to people that they just don't need. We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty. I can't believe we actually have to say this!

  • A flexible approach to figuring out your businesses needs and requirements. No two companies or coaches are the same. 
  • A detailed breakdown of costs, time schedules and expectation of each party involved in the project. No surprises! 
  • We will speak to you in plain English. No tech jargon designed to confuse you into thinking we're clever. We're really not, much!
  • Support and advice on your needs, not just a hard sell of what we say you need. 

They Say

What They Say

Kelvin has saved me so much time...

Kelvin has built me a website for my online business, including a sales page, a podcast page, and a member’s portal. I really don’t know the first thing about websites or tech in this regard, so Kelvin has saved me so much time and mental bandwidth in not having to learn it all.

I ask him to build something, and he makes a version of what he thinks I want, and then finetunes it to make it look exactly like what was in my head. He maintains my website and my podcast and is exceptionally accommodating and helpful. Highly recommended!

Hannah Watkins - online weight loss coach

Simon Froggatt

I've used Kelvin to build multiple websites for my businesses. He's created complex sites that bring in leads and sales, as well as small brochure sites for my clients to reference my services. 

simon Froggatt

Kelvin created both our current and previous website. It gives visitors the trust and confidence they need to get in touch and become our clients. 

Jonathan Auborn

Case Studies

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